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Anyone can shop at the Co-Op, but becoming a member gives you part ownership in an entity that supports you, your neighbors and your community with a commitment to local agriculture, the local economy and each other. You have a voice in the creation, direction and decisions of the store. Your dues help us thrive. In addition, members also receive:


• A once a month 10% discount on the day of your choosing.


• Special discounts on selected merchandise not available to non-members.


• Bulk Discounts through the Buying Clubs.


• A refund at the end of the fiscal year, based on a percentage of your purchases, provided our profits are sufficient.


• A vote. Members have the opportunity to vote on our board of directors as well as other issues concerning the Co-Op at our annual meeting every January.


Working Volunteers


A good team of Working Volunteers is vital to our success. Members who volunteer their time and energy to the store will receive additional benefits. We ask volunteers to give a minimum of four hours of their time, in exchange for a 10% discount on their next purchase. (see our policy for all the details)


An annual membership is $15, a lifetime/charter membership is $200.

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