This week at the Co-Op

Clark Case with future employees Hannah, Salome and Lorelei

Big news from the Co-Op!

I would like to express a huge thank you and congratulations to all of you for voting in the Barclays Bank Small Biz Big Wins Contest. It was revealed today that thanks to over 15,000 votes for the DixonCooperative Market during the 10 day voting period we placed second and will be awarded $40,000 in a couple weeks!

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Clark Case with future employees Hannah, Salome and Lorelei

Great Opportunity for the Co-Op!

We have huge news! Barclay Bank has initiated a contest called “Small Business, Big Wins,” with a grand prize of $60,000. Of the 14,200 applicants, our Co-op has been selected as one of the ten finalists to qualify for the grand prize. As a top ten finalist we are assured of winning $5,000, but with your help we could win a larger cash prize.

Please vote once a day from today, April 1st through April 10th. Ask your family and friends to help, together we can win this award! The money will go a long way toward allowing the Co-op to improve the services we offer you.

It is quite an honor to be selected from so many small businesses nationwide; it reminds us that we are lucky to have this little store serving our small community. Let’s take this opportunity to show that our community supports the Co-op and the Co-op will in turn, fulfill its dream of improving our services to you.

This is a great opportunity for us and we would really appreciate your support!


Vote Here

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Clark Case with future employees Hannah, Salome and Lorelei

Dixon Market Expansion: News and Updates!

The Dixon Co-op Board and Staff are currently planning for the first major expansion of the store in a number of years. Our goal is to increase our storage capacity for both shelf stable and fresh and frozen foods, allowing us to purchase in larger quantities and reduce the cost of goods sold. With the enlarged  space and increased refrigeration we will be able to better keep local fresh produce and bulk items for sale to the community, as well as to better supply the Picuris Travel Center. We will also make improvements to the delivery area to improve safety and efficiency. In summer of 2022, the Dixon Co-op was awarded a USDA HFFI grant worth $200,000 for the work. 

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Clark Case with future employees Hannah, Salome and Lorelei

End of Summer Update

We will be open our regular hours all weekend, including Monday, for the Labor Day holiday. We open at 8 am and are here until 7pm every day of the week. Remember, the more you shop here, the better the local economy does. Read on about what's cooking at the Co-Op!

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Clark Case with future employees Hannah, Salome and Lorelei

Growing up Co-Op

Welcome to the Dixon Cooperative Market’s new Website! Great thanks to Jeff Spicer and Spicer Digital for his help in getting this going. We hope you find it helpful and informative as you navigate our local food distribution effort.

The Coop is a community based food store that opened in 2006 in 500 square feet we rented from the Embudo Valley Library. We’ve grown to become an integral part of the Embudo Valley economy, providing over a million dollars worth of food to our over four hundred household members and all of the greater community. We employ over twenty locals and now operate out of our 1100 square foot building bringing a large selection of local and organic produce, grocery goods, local consignment items, and a popular deli that offers a menu of delicious sandwiches and pizzas all made in house.

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