Become a Member of the Dixon Co-Op!

Anyone can shop at the Co-Op, but becoming a member gives you part ownership in an entity that supports you, your neighbors and your community with a commitment to local agriculture, the local economy and each other. You have a voice in the creation, direction and decisions of the store. Your dues help us thrive. In addition, members also receive:

• A once a month 10% discount on the day of your choosing.

• Special discounts on selected merchandise not available to non-members.

• Bulk Discounts through the Buying Clubs.

• A refund at the end of the fiscal year, based on a percentage of your purchases, provided our profits are sufficient.

• A vote. Members have the opportunity to vote on our board of directors as well as other issues concerning the Co-Op at our annual meeting every January.

Working Volunteers

A good team of Working Volunteers is vital to our success. Members who volunteer their time and energy to the store will receive additional benefits. We ask volunteers to give a minimum of four hours of their time, in exchange for a 10% discount on their next purchase. (see our policy for all the details). Talk to a manager to get started.

An annual membership is $15,
A lifetime/charter membership is $200.

Ready to join? Come on into the store and fill out an application & pay.
We'll get you set up as a member right away!
The primary member owns the membership and is responsible for updating the address, phone number and for adding or deleting secondary member names.

Please Read our policies and sign your name:
• Membership is non-transferable.
• Members are entitled to:
  One (1) vote per member/household in elections and  proposals.
  Profits are distributed in patron refunds or re-invested in goods and services which    
  benefit members.
• There shall be no voting by proxy.
• Through member activity, the Co-op exists and the member receives benefits of
 Co-op ownership.
• Members must comply with all membership requirements (as stated in the policies
  of the Co-op and the laws under which it is incorporated).
• Termination of membership and recovery of equity in the Co-op is subject to the    
  policies of the Co-op and laws under which it is incorporated.I understand this
  membership is subject to requirements as set forth in the articles and bylaws of the
   Co-op.  I have been notified of such requirements.
Thank you for becoming a member!
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Membership Info

May UNFI "HotSheet"

Cost for members will be the wholesale costs listed plus 15%


The next Board meeting is 4.29.24

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